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The BO 2 BO Foundation


BO 2 BO Ltd is committed to establishing a Charity Foundation for the purposes of granting financial aid to seriously sick and desperately poor children.
We envisage we would, by the grace of God, be able to provide an initial £10 million endowment to the proposed children's charity foundation. We also envisage there will be some form of income for the charity foundation as we intend to donate 5% to 10% of every unite sale of all BO 2 BO products to the foundation. While the idea for a charity foundation does gather inspiration from different sources, the overwhelming principle stems from our profound belief that children are magical and are a natural source of inspired, good and noble intentions. The wonderful principle can be summed as such, that while rich kids from all over the world can afford to purchase the BO 2 BO {Treble Wheel toy} and rich parents also able to purchase other BO 2 BO products, seriously sick and desperately poor children can be beneficiaries. In sum, the rich families and their delightful children will be able to help the less fortunate children in this somewhat magical cycle of economic and charity undertakings of BO 2 BO Ltd and it's charity foundation.
We have been fortunate to have been wonderfully inspired by memories of childhood and by children generally and we are thoroughly excited by the idea that we can place ourselves in the position to help less fortunate children in the world.