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First & Second Patents Granted


Second Patent has been granted GB0912561.8.

Grant of Patent is expected to be announced in the Patents Journal on 31 August 2011. Patent Serial Number GB2471529

1st Patent has been granted with regard to the first invention effective from 1st February 2011 by the UK Intellectual Property Office. Grant of patent is expected to be announced in the Patents Journal on 2nd March 2011 with Serial Number GB2469066.




According to the report of the International Searching Authority from the European Patent Office, in applying the Article 17(3)(a) and Rule 40.1 and 40.2(e) of the Patent Cooperation Treaty,

 1. The International Searching Authority...

 (i) considers that there are 3 number of inventions claimed in the international application covered by the claims indicated on an extra sheet:

(iii) ISA has carried out a partial search on those parts of the international application which relate to the invention first mentioned in claims (see sheet)

2. Consequently, the applicant is hereby invited to pay, within the time limit indicated above, the amount indicated below:

Fee per additional invention... Eur 1,700.00

multiply by number of additional inventions... 2

= EUR 3,400 (total amount of additional fee.)

ps. The additional fee in respect of the additional inventions found by the ISA, is in addition to the initial fee of  £2,600 paid in respect the 1st of 3 inventions found in the patent request for the second invention in the first instance.

So it is that the four designs submitted for patent request in respect of the second invention in the BO 2 BO products range are determined to constitute 3 separate inventions. Consequently, the Malia model, the Sasha model, and the option 2 model, The Coptic Egyptian,  are considered to be distinct and separate inventions for the reason that all four designs did not fulfil the requirements of unity of invention in accordance with Rules 13.1, 13.2, and 13.3 {PCT}

The determination of the International Searching Authority has therefore turned out to be a plus, not only in upgrading our proprietor to the status of a multiple and prolific inventor, but also in ensuring that Malia and Sasha will now each have a unique gift all to herself!

As the doctor and midwife would say..."Congratulations! The good news is of healthy progeny, the other good news is...A triplet! Extra mouths to feed! {Thus the determination of the patents examiner in respect of the second invention!}

As regards the first invention, the Treble Wheel, the Reasoned Statement under Rule 43bis.1(a)(i) of the International Searching Authority with regard to novelty, inventive step or industrial applicability is as follows.

Novelty                             (N)   Yes:  Claims 1-8

Inventive steps                 (IS)   Yes:  Claims 1-8

Industrial applicability      (IA)    Yes: Claims 1-8 

1. Claims 1-8 fulfil the requirement of Article 33(1) to (4) PCT, since it is neither known from nor rendered obvious by the available prior art to provide a toy, as from documentD1, ........

2. Claims 2-8 are dependent on claim 1 and as such also fulfil the requirements of PCT with regard to novelty and inventive step.

3. The invention is considered to be  industrial applicable

This first invention, together with the 3 inventions that are determined by the International Searching Authority to constitute separate inventions in the second patent application, PCT/GB2009/051022, means that there are four patents pending inventions altogether. When we add the highly creative spin-offs, which includes a Simisola model, the new innovative products range to be managed, marketed and distributed worldwide comes to 8 as the current total.