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 “To create things on which time tests its teeth in vain, in word, in form, in substance, to strive for a little immortality, I have never yet been modest enough to demand less of myself”

Friedrich Nietzsche

The ideas behind the inventions essentially present themselves to our proprietor, Symeon, in dreams. Possible  solutions to problems encountered in the course of bringing the ideas to life, as well as what method to adopt as we embark on this magical venture, have also presented themselves in dreams. As regards the business drive, we have been enormously inspired by compilation of stories on companies that changed the world. For instance, in 1878, Alexander Graham Bell and his business partners offered the patent of the telephone to Western Union for the mere sum of $100,000. Western Union turned it down, saying it was nothing but a toy. In 1880, the same Chairman of Western Union said he would gladly pay $25 million for the patents of the invented telephone and still consider it a bargain!

Some of the BO 2 BO ingenious products range may well be regarded as "toys", but we are quite proud of our proprietor's astonishing efforts and imaging the world will equally be fascinated. However, other sources of inspiration regarding establishing BO 2 BO ltd.  came from the stories of Levi Strauss, Disney, Coca-Cola, Goggle, Microsoft, Nike, Sony, Apple, and IBM. Companies on which time has test its teeth in vain, including those companies that were not even created by inventors such as the virgin group or Liverpool, AC Milan, Real Madrid football clubs or the Yankees. Again, when we think of the Malia & Sasha models, we are excited that Daimler's  Mercedes line of cars were named after a ten year old daughter of an Austrian automobile entrepreneur. The following excerpt should however inspire anyone, particularly any inventor who has knowledge of out-sourcing and E-commerce.

The Origin of the Brassiere

"It was in 1913 that the New York socialite Mary Phelps Jacob, about to go out to a reception in a sheer evening gown, found that the whalebone of the traditional corset was unacceptably visible under the plunging neckline, disfiguring the texture of the fabric. She improvised with a pair of silk handkerchiefs and some red silk ribbon. Friends and family soon noticed and applauded the "Backless Brassiere” which she patented in 1914...But running a company was not to Mary Phelps Jacob's liking, and she sold her patent for $1500 to the Warner Brothers Corset Company of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Over the next 30 years the company would make over $15 million from the patent.” {From, "Companies That Changed The World",

(chapter 30, Female clothing) Wonderbra/Canadelle Canada 1939}