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BO 2 BO Limited is registered in England and Wales. Comapany Registration Number : 7171389

The 8 fascinating BO 2 BO products derived from the 4 exciting inventions of the proprietor of BO 2 BO limited, Symeon Adebayo Onipede, are set to become the main assets of BO 2 BO limited.

Letters patents have been granted in respect of all inventions and the exciting task is to introduce these marvellous inventions to the world while creating jobs and wealth in the process.

BO 2 BO Limited has therefore been established for the purposes of the worldwide sale, marketing and distribution of the BO 2 BO products range, and indeed, managing the intellectual property rights of our proprietor/director and inventor of the BO 2 BO products.

Future inventions of Symeon Onipede may well be patented by BO 2 BO limited in its capacity as a legal entity.

Treble Wheel {Patent Granted}  

Patent Application number: GB0905543.5

International application number: PCT/GB2009/050890

The Treble Wheel is a groundbreaking design of a toy that every child from every part of the world will want to play with while wearing a huge smile of sheer excitement on his or her pretty, angelic face, and appreciating the toy's unique health and fitness attributes as well as the Treble Wheel's  essential aid to hand-eye-movement coordination.

Parent and Child pedal-less Cycles and Baby Carriers {Patent Granted}

Patent Application number: GB0912561.8

International application number: PCT/GB2009/051022

These are a series of innovative designs in the concept of Parent and Child Pedal-less Cycles and Baby Carriers The four fascinating state-of-the-art designs are...

Option 1 -- An inventive Parent and Child Pedal-less Cycle also known as the Malia model  in the patents application documents.

Option 2 -- A revolutionary design concept in a pedal-less baby carrier referred to as Egyptian Princess.

Option 3 -- An exciting ingenious product design also filed in the patent application request as the Sasha model and curiously referred to as a Parent and Child Pedal-less Cycle.

Option 4 --  Another radical design in the concept of pedal-less baby stroller.

BO 2 BO limited will be happy to consider "Naming Rights" proposals, investment proposal or even sponsorship arrangements particularly for the Malia and Sasha models such that the "Sweet Little Ones" may be presented with their "gifts"!
Funds  for the purposes of manufacturing, worldwide marketing and distribution of the BO 2 BO products  are needed as we move onto  the next phase of this rather magical venture.